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Punk Rawk Role Playing

A Punk Rawk PRG, all punx...
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I made an role playing thingy... Punk Rock Role Playing

It's straight forward and simple...It's FAKE!!! If you want to join, make sure the person that you want isnt taken. the last thing we need is for two people to play the same person. unless they share duties on the same s/n, but that gets confusing. you can play up to 2 people...no more than 2. that also gets confusing. i know from experience. the only thing you really need to do is have LJ s/n obvious to the person that you're playing. and an aim obvious s/n as well. and fill out this here thingy and post it on the community and add all the other character people.

[1)person you're playing]

[2)lj s/n]

[3)where are they from?]

[4)real name and aim or lj s/n]

[5)where's the booze?]

to answer #5, put, "give me booze, cause i'm a passed out drunken ass fool"

if you have any questions, email me: a.shadows